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In the beautiful village of Jänsmässholmen you find Suaja. We offer Sami handicraft and during winter season you can also visit our reindeer. In South Sami language Suaja means lee, a quite place. It symbolises the quite here in Jänsmässholmen, far away from the fast pace, stress and musts. Here you can take a deep breath and find peace together with the reindeer.

My name is JanÅke Johnsson and I am Sami, artisan and owner of reindeer. I welcome you to visit us here in georgeous Jänsmässholmen in Jämtland.

Contact us for if you are interested in Sami handicraft or want to visit our reindeer, we are located in the northwest of Jämtland within driving distance from Åre and Östersund.

Renen Sofie med halsband (nitbälte) av Suaja


During wintertime you can visit our reindeer in the  pasture. You can join when feeding them and learn more about the reindeer.

Pojke med knivbälte i skogen

Studded belts

I make custom-made studded belts of various kinds, such as belts for carrying knives, belts for your favourite jeans or dog collars.