Studded belts

This is not an ordinary souvernir, this is Sami handicraft to be used in your everyday life. We make tailored belts according to your wishes and needs because we want you to be proud of your belt. You can choose from various kinds of belts such as a belt for your jeans, wide belts for hunting or fishing, belts for carrying a knife as well as dog collars. 

You coose the colour of the leather, width and length of the belt, pattern as well as the colour of the eyelet. With your choices I tailor your belt to fit you perfectly and in that way every belt is a unique masterpiece.

This is only a few exampels of patterns, colours and shapes which I can tailor for you. As there is unlimited possibilities you find more inspirational pictures of my belts on our Facebook page. Sami handicraft.


3-4 cm width: 650 sek

5-6 cm width: 900 sek

7-9 cm width: 1500 sek

10-12 cm width: 2000 sek

4 cm width: 650 sek

3-4 cm width: 250 sek

4 cm width: 650 sek

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All prices including VAT, excluding shipping fee.

Below you find the colours of the leather and eyelets that you can choose from. The colours can differ from reality as it is a natural material.

Leather colours

Eyelet colours

Decorative eyelets