Visit our reindeer

Do you dream of meeting reindeer? We make your dream come true! During winter season between October – April you can visit our reindeer here in our paradise Jänsmässholmen in Jämtland. Spending time with these gentle animals gives you a peace of mind that you will carry with you for a long time. Take your time to stop and just listen to the sound of the grazing reindeer. 

Some years we also have tame reindeer.  We offer you to take a walk with them if you want. Of course we give you all instructions you need and join you on the walk because we want you to have the best experience.

Price list

Adults 150 sek/person
Children 6-15 years 70 sek/person
Children o-5 years free 

For bigger groups, price as agreed. All prices incl. VAT. 

Contact us for if you want to visit our reindeer, we are located in northern Jämtland within driving distance from Åre and Östersund.